Pavilion Leisure Centre, Bromley, Kent

Annual Project Management of Water Slide Support Structure

Managed by Mytime Active (formerly Bromley Mytime & London Borough of Bromley). ACA have managed maintenance of the pool structure including the flumes suspended by steel cables. The cables were featured in the New Civil Engineer dated 29 August 1996 because they were replaced in 1997 by new cables with a cheap, simple but highly effective refinement. The replacement cables were galvanised as before but painted white and fitted inside a clear polythene tube, sealed at both ends. The white cables are protected by the tube, but in the event of corrosion the rust stain is readily observed.

Conditions in swimming pools are highly corrosive. Under these conditions stainless steel cables can fail at a tenth of their usual capacity and are thus unsuitable. Adrian Cox Associates brought together cable specialists Certex Bridon Ropes, paint specialist Steel Protection Consultancy, corrosion specialist Coretest and with little time available came up with a novel solution.

This simple measure added 10% to the cost of replacement cables which were made on site by Bridon Ropes Limited and installed one by one by rope access specialist CAN. However while the previous cables required complete replacement after 4 years, the replacements showed no significant corrosion after 16 years.