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Blue Whale Skeleton Suspended in Hintze Hall

Natural History Museum, London

After assembly in stages, the whale was lifted in 160 25mm steps while loads were monitored on 11 temporary lift cables with line and levels regularly checked.  Installation of permanent cables was completed on 12 May 2017.  The Hintze Hall project cost £12m and opens on Friday 14 July 2017.  The Horizon documentary was screened on BBC2 at 9pm on Thursday 13 July. 

The skeleton is now in position.  ACA were engineers for the cable suspension and the lift as well as validating the wrought iron roof structure.  In addition, this project is the largest ever single project undertaken by the museum.  ACA advised on floor loading, a vital role considering many first floor balcony exhibits weigh 6 tonnes and the  Marlin displayed in a tank on the ground floor weighs 16 tonnes.