Eltham College

Eltham College, London

Dining Hall Extension

ACA have been involved with assisting Eltham College with numerous projects since 2004 including the new Music Department, the Tuck Shop, the Pavilion to the Marathon Sports Ground and the extension to King George's Dining Hall.

The existing 21m x 8m dining room urgently needed to be doubled in size. The dining room had to remain in action with minimal interruption. The College desired maximum clear space. In addition a basement office and toilets was to be housed in a new basement below the extension, necessitating the underpinning of the wall to the existing Dining Hall.

The site for the extension was bounded on four sides by the existing dining room with art studio above, science classrooms, library and IT unit.

As a result of a novel design by Adrian Cox Associates the reinforced concrete extension was built before being connected to the existing masonry above the openings, and fully supporting the structure above. The separating wall was then removed during the course of a single weekend. Interruption to use of the dining room was minimal.

The completed dining room has just two 350 square columns and measures 21m x 15m.

Architect: Thomas Ford & Partners, Contractor: Astral Limited, Value £643,000